Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If you ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, please notify us immediately by calling your local branch office during business hours. If after business hours, please call 1-800-472-3272.

All newly issued debit cards will include the chip technology which provides an added layer of security, providing greater protection against fraud.

How it Works

  • Merchants, such as a grocery store, may ask you to insert your card into the terminal or they may ask you to swipe the magnetic stripe.
  • If you’re asked to insert the card, look for a slot on the bottom-front of the terminal and insert your card face up with the chip first.
  • Leave your card in the terminal until the transaction is complete.
  • The terminal will prompt you to sign or enter a PIN to validate your identity.
  • Take your card when prompted and don’t leave it behind.

MasterCard Automated Billing Updater

The MasterCard Automated Billing Updater (“ABU”) is an automated solution that helps to ensure uninterrupted service for cardholders and uninterrupted payments by updating card-on-file (“COF”) information for recurring and nonrecurring payments. This program helps to reduce COF transaction declines due to changed account numbers and/or expiration dates.

The MasterCard ABU Service became available for debit cards in October 2017.

Financial Institution participation is mandatory. However, you have the option to opt your card out of the service at any time.

Cardholders generally have recurring payments or a COF set up with a merchant(s). When account changes are made to a cardholder’s account – for example, your debit card has expired so you received a new card with a new expiration date in the mail – cardholders often do not advise merchants of the new expiration date. Since the merchant was not notified of the new card expiration date the next time they try to process your account payment the payment will be declined. The MasterCard ABU Service allows the updated information to be provided to the participating merchants on your behalf resulting in fewer declines, in case you forget to contact them. Unico Bank recommends that you still contact the merchant to verify your card information has been updated, since not all merchants participate in the service.

  • Reduces card declines
  • Helps to ensure on-time bill payment
  • Prevents late fees and service disruption

Yes. You can request to opt-out of this service by completing the enclosed MasterCard ABU Opt-Out Form. This form is also available upon request at your local branch office.

No. The MasterCard ABU Services is only available at participating merchants. Merchants can choose the frequency at which they check for updated payment information. To avoid late payments and penalties, cardholders must check with their merchant(s) to ensure their card information has been updated.

No. Participation in this service is at each merchant’s discretion. Unico Bank does not have a merchant list.

COF merchants that keep cardholder card numbers on file for recurring payments may include phone companies, cable services, utilities, music subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, insurance companies, recurring charitable donations and more.

Automatic payments will be declined and merchants may charge members a late fee.

Download Automated Billing Form


Interactive Video Player

Unico Bank offers real-time 24 hour peace of mind with our state of the art fraud detection services. EnFact monitors and scores every debit card transaction and alerts you if a potentially fraudulent transaction occurs. You may be contacted by one of our skilled EnFact analysts or contacted by an automated voice response unit. Keep in mind we will never ask you to provide us with your account number or debit card number, we already have that information on file. We will simply provide you with transaction details and ask you if you conducted the transaction, yes or no. We also offer two-way text alerts as well. Below is a short video that explains the text alerts, ask us how to sign up!